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What I draw varies, I'll mostly draw things regarding my species the Demons and my OCs and if I'm in a fandom I might draw a couple things

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I've actually been working on this journal for a couple days

Last time I made a journal entry I said I was redrawing characters just to update them, I've made some small changes to some, completely redesigned others and, against my own will, created some new characters because it's not like I didn't over 50 before. So the whole project is 62.5% done (calculated btw)

I've also been expanding the world in which the Demons live in as well as other species that live in the same dimension as them. Refs for the species, their banners and a map of their universe should most likely be the next thing up (more on it down below). There are also some Gods/Goddesses I want to talk about as well.

Anyway I have gone and created 8 new characters:
Delta (green)
Gaea (green)
Pi (orange)
Eta (pink)
Bastet (pink)
Zeta (purple)
Theta (white)
Ramil (yellow)

Delta, Pi, Eta, Zeta and Theta are robots (you can tell because they're named after letters from the Greek alphabet).
I've also created just some small bios for Bastet, Ramil and Gaea

ALIAS: Farah Nagi (Farah means "happiness" and Nagi means "close friend")
STONE: Canary Diamond
NATIONALITY: Saudi Arabian
SPECIE: Camel Spider (one robotic arm)
SPECIAL: Sand Mimicry
KINETIC: Psammokinesis (sand manipulation)

ALIAS: Femi Adel (Femi means "love me" and Adel means "noble" or "justice")
STONE: Rose Quartz
SPECIE: Egyptian Mau
SPECIAL: Thiriokinesis (animal manipulation)
KINETIC: vertigo inducement

ALIAS: Gabriela Magno
STONE: Emerald
SPECIE: Peruvian Spider Monkey
SPECIAL: Petal Generation
KINETIC: Ecokinesis

Also like I mentioned the Demons live in a universe with four other species:
Volcana - Magma (Magmi)
Illustra - Illustran (Illustrans)
Gormine - Gordi (Gordi)
Atramento - Inklet (Inklets)
Hypna - Where The Great Goddess lives (hypnotized subjects are called Hypno/s)

They're all friendly with each other so just ignore anything that contradicts that (e.g. Blizzard's Tomb - let's pretend the Magma Clan Leader was being mind controlled by The Great Goddess).

I've also named the universe the Krystol Dimension because all the species have stones (what I'm calling gemstones). So, uh, just a little information on each of the species:

Stone: Lava Fountain Agate
- Geo-thermokinesis (lava manipulation)
- Made of rock and lava
- Turn blue when cold

 Stone: Purple Turquoise
- The tallest of all the species
- Lust manipulation (hence Illustra)
- Can shapeshift

- Stone: Maw Sit Sit
- Middle eye acts like an 'All Seeing Eye' (is always open, never blinks)
- Other two eyes are never open unless hostile
- Necrokinesis (manipulation of the dead)
- Mainly communicate in grunts and growls

- Stone: Ruby/Sapphire (orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink)
- Melanokinesis (ink manipulation)
- Non-binary (they/them/their)
- Hair and horns are different in every tribe, each tribe is a different colour
- They speak, what I like to call, Englitch (glitchy English)

- Stone: depends on which planet they were kidnapped from
- All are brainwashed and suffer from amnesia
- All are forced to wear a special outfit based on what specie they are
- Each specie is designated a certain task based on their abilities


They pretty much lived on the planets mentioned earlier and later 'adopted' the species also mentioned before.

- Pearl
- Hydrokinesis
- Illustra
- Owns many gemstones which do various types of healing (immortality, vision, etc.)

- Clinohumite
- Pyrokinesis
- Volcana
- Thinks extremely highly of her subjects and is more than willing to sacrifice herself for them

- Obsidian
- Aerokinesis
- Atramento
- Never opens his eyes

- Green Agate
- Geokinesis
- Gormine
- His stone is his eye (the rings in it move acting like pupils)

- Female
- Mystic Topaz
- Hypnosis
- Demonia then Hypna (planet)
- Later renamed herself The Great Goddess

More about the Gods and Goddesses when I upload a map of the Krystol Dimension and refs for the Gods/Goddesses

I apologize for this being a long journal but I've had all this in my head for the past couple weeks and I just wanted to update you all on what I'm doing at the moment.

Thank you all for reading, stay lovely my children

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